Safety is the number one responsibility of every firearm owner whether at home, at a shooting range or in the field, safety is every firearm owner’s major responsibility. Learning and applying these basic firearm safety rules every time you handle a firearm will add to your shooting enjoyment and eliminate dangerous and potentially deadly situations.

Treat every gun as if it were loaded! Never take anyone’s word for a firearm being unloaded. Always check for yourself by visually and physically inspecting the chamber and magazine for the presence of any ammunition. Never place your finger on the trigger until your sights are on a target and you are ready to shoot.

Never cover anything with the muzzle of the firearm that you are not 100% willing to destroy. Always be 100% sure of your target and what may be behind your target. Projectiles can and will ricochet when hitting water, rocks or solid surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Firearm security is your personal responsibility. Be sure to always safely secure firearms from children or unauthorized users. Use the provided magazine cable lock to insure safety when the weapon is left unattended. Never rely on the mechanical safeties alone.

Only safe firearms handling demonstrated by you will ensure the safe use of your firearm.

Always use eye and ear protection specifically designed for firearms use. Never use drugs or alchohol before or during shooting. Even some prescription medications can impare your mental or physical condition. Fully understand the operation of your firearm before handling or firing. Before allowing any person to handle the firearm, ensure they have read and fully understand the safe operating requirements. Warning: the astetic points and edges of the bamf hand guard and muzzle device are sharp; to avoid injury care should be taken when handeling.