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For the professional


Artistry, Attitude, Performance

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Pro Buffer System

Cobalt’s Pro Buffer System is among the most effective performance upgrades available for the AR today. The Pro Buffer System gives you an advantage by creating a smoother action and reducing recoil. We use low-friction, energy-absorbing polymers to make the buffer components and even the receiver extension is lined with a hard polymer film. All calibers, barrel lengths, gas system types, can be improved by our buffer and it is simple to install. The PBS has been tested and proven reliable by Keith Garcia, Kalani Laker and Rick Birdsall who won numerous competitions using the Pro Buffer System.

Pro Brake

You can maximize control, recovery, and speed with the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake. The design features a symmetrical linear array of intersecting spheroid baffles that dramatically improve performance. Exhaust energy is vented only to the sides to eliminate dust signature. Our Pro Muzzle Brake is designed for use with any firearms chambered in .223/5.56 caliber with 1/2×28 muzzle threads. At 3.4” long and less than 1″ across, the Pro Muzzle Brake is legal for multi-gun competition.

Brass Deflector

The angles and design of our brass deflector create an ideal and consistent brass throw to keep hot brass off of you and the person next to you.

Dual Drop

Cobalt’s patented Dual Drop mechanism is expanding the functionality of the classic AR-15 platform. Dual Drop improves weapon handling and reload speed faster. We put the system’s controls within reach of the thumb of the shooting hand. The Dual Drop adds a second forward assist control- mirrored on the left side of the upper receiver and mechanically connected to the right side assist and the bolt catch. Without adjusting your grip, you can press either forward assist and the bolt is released to reload the firearm.

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The Cobalt Truth

I handled one of these at Firearms Unlimited in Exeter, RI. I have handled and fired a lot of AR’s in my lifetime but the fit and finish on this one is I have to say is the absolute best. I dare you guys or anyone to make a better one.

Thomas Neves
Picked up my first cobalt AR this week. As far as an AR rifle, this I will say is the best elaborate weapons system I have run across as of today…the machine work and design with dual operation components are outstanding. The only thing that would make my rifle any better would be if it was in Tennessee orange and white lol.

Danny Hall
No other AR comes this close to perfection on the market today. Fit, finish, function far surpass anything else, and dual drop means always having the drop in any tactical situation.

Brok Lee