Cobalt Kinetics’ Rifles


Every single component we produce is precisely engineered to the tightest tolerances. Our standards far exceed that of other manufacturers, and we reject components that don't meet those standards. From the aggressive angles in our designs to the joints between fitted parts, we are committed to assembling the finest rifle you will ever shoot.


At Cobalt Kinetics we source the finest triggers to put in our rifles. Each trigger undergoes a strict quality control check before being installed into our rifles. We want each pull of the trigger to be crisp and precise so you always know when the shot is going to break.


Every angle we cut, and every component we use, serves a function in our overall design. We don't employ seven-axis CNC machines because we can; we use them because we cut compound angles that help eliminate muzzle rise. We engineer functions that enhance operations like our Dual-Drop and CARS. Try a Cobalt Kinetics rifle and feel the difference.


Rifles that are comfortable to hold are not only fun to shoot but more accurate. Our premium rifles feature a custom designed billet aluminum grip that has been engineered to be the most comfortable you will ever hold. Time and research went into creating the perfect angle and size so that your grip is perfect every time, resulting in more accurate and repeatable shots.