Chris Kyle Tribute Collection

Chris Kyle "The Legend" Tribute collection. A collaboration between Cobalt Kinetics and Allegiant Rifleworks benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Full four gun (set only) presale is closed and orders are now being taken for the rifles individually at Don't miss out on this great opportunity! A total of only 250 of each rifle is being produced!

The Rifles

  • Signature Series
  • Chief
  • Glory
  • 300 Blacked Out


Cobalt Kinetics is fascinated by how they work and how they are made. We are inspired by the engineering and precision of a well-made weapon. Cobalt is driven to create firearms that are more effective, more reliable and more rewarding for the owner.

We founded Cobalt Kinetics because, as gun enthusiasts, we were not satisfied with the status quo – rows of the same mediocre guns on every gun shop wall across the country. We wanted better firearms, but we knew the firearms industry had no real reason to change itself. So, we decided to change the industry.

Cobalt Kinetics designs and builds firearms with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovations, state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous precision. Firearms that inspire a passion for shooting because they look, feel and work better than any others. Firearms that other companies only dream of building. The firearms we always dreamed of owning.


Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm

Everyone at Cobalt Kinetics is personally committed to creating high quality firearms that look, feel and work better than anything you own. We constantly strive to improve function and form with tighter precision, inventive features, faster operation, superior control and bold aesthetics that inspire a passion for shooting and optimal performance in competition and in the field.

We are personally committed to inspiring confidence in our dealers and customers, earning their trust and building loyal and lasting collaborative relationships. We provide comprehensive and responsive service that is second to none.

We are personally committed to building a company that is progressive, principled and profitable. We respect tradition, reject the status quo and embrace an independent future. We only follow our inspiration, but we are fully prepared to lead our industry.

Shot Show 2016 Review

We had to show off the new Cobalt Kinetics rifles including the B.A.M.F. or "Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm." It takes a lot to blow our skirts up in the AR market but this rifle certainly has done that. Can't wait to see more from this company in the future.