Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics “Ambi” Safety


  • Material: 17-14 Stainless Barrel
  • Coating: 7075 aluminum levers (anodized)
  • Platform: AR-15/ AR-10
  • Long Lever / Short Lever

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Product Description

Owners Manual – Download Here

Cobalt Kinetics “Ambi” Safety Details

Barrel Features
This safety selector boasts an elegant “copper” hue and
is crafted from heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional anti-corrosion properties and enhanced durability. Designed to maintain a precise and responsive connection between the detent and safety barrel, it guarantees a consistently crisp and tactile operation over time.

Optimized Throw Angle
Experience a seamless 45-degree throw, meticulously engineered for the most natural thumb positioning. This design allows for effortless actuation without compromising your grip, ensuring optimal firearm control and safety.

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Accessibility
The non-dominant thumb side features a thoughtfully shortened lever to eliminate interference with your knuckle, coupled with an increased height for improved access. This design enhancement enables easy activation of the safety mechanism using either your index finger or knuckle, catering to diverse handling preferences.

Versatile Selector Configuration
Flexibility is key with our ambidextrous selectors, which can
be effortlessly installed on either side of the rifle. This feature accommodates both left and right-handed shooters, ensuring a customizable and comfortable firearm experience for all users.

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The Cobalt Difference

Cutting Edge


Cobalt will never be satisfied with the status quo. We are always asking – Why? With our imagination, incredible engineers, and a desire to improve; we are constantly innovating an already amazing platform. We continue to explore how our innovative improvements can make you a faster and more accurate shooter. Innovation is at the core of who we are.

Military Grade


We torture test our rifles and pistols in the most extreme conditions, from the snow to the desert heat, they will function in any environment. The tight tolerances of the firearms protect the internal components from external elements. We Cerakote all our firearms to add to the durability. Multiple sources have reported that they have run our firearms in excess of the 50,000 rounds mark.

Match Grade


Our components are precisely engineered to the tightest tolerances. Our standards far exceed that of other manufacturers. We included match grade barrels and premium triggers in every firearm to enhance accuracy. Our Pro Buffer comes standard to reduce recoil allowing faster follow up shots. From the aggressive look and design to the quality of the components within, we are committed to assembling the finest firearms in the industry.



Every angle we cut, and every component we use, serves a function in our overall design that must be shot to be fully appreciated. At Cobalt Kinetics we source premium parts to compliment our high tolerances and precision engineering. Each component undergoes a strict quality control check before being installed into our firearms.

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