The Mission

We create high-performance, purpose-built, and innovatively-designed rifles for high-performance, like you.

Designed & Made in the USA

We take pride in our commitment to crafting firearms of unparalleled innovation, durability, precision, and function, all right here in the good old US of A. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is not just our permanent philosophy; it’s the driving force behind every one of our rifles from the ground up. Want to experience the embodiment of American-made precision and excellence? Get yourself a Cobalt Kinetics.

Unparalled Technology Innovation

Our relentless pursuit of progress drives us to constantly seek to develop new ways to enhance your shooting experience and improve existing standards in our great industry. From our precision-machined metals and match-grade barrels, to premium triggers and advanced recoil reduction systems, we integrate innovative technology seamlessly into every aspect of our rifles to give you the best of the best. (Seriously) The. BEST.)… Our engineers are always seeking to implement ideas and solutions that will make YOU a faster and more accurate shooter.

Precision and Durability

Cobalt Rifles


Cobalt Kinetics S.I.M.S. System


RCB Muzzle Device


Cobalt N/A Gas Block


Cobalt Designed Ambi Controls


Cobalt BCG

Cobalt S.I.M.S. System

The Self-Centering, Inverting, Mono-lithic/ Semi interface system innovates on the Milspec upper receiver design that has not been touched since the 1960s. The goal was to provide a better mounting platform for barrels and offer a TRULY non-rotating, free-floated handguard design.

A5/CK Buffer System

The Cobalt Kinetics/ VLTOR A5-CK buffer system is a joint collaboration between both visionary brands in hopes of evolving the current A5 system to an even smoother recoil mitigation system.


Cobalt Bolt Carrier Group

The Cobalt Kinetics BCG is produced to the highest (and most stringent) standards. These are manufactured for our line of rifles but are now available for the aspiring personal builder. Run our products with pride, and experience the Cobalt difference!


RCB Muzzle Device

The RCB family is Cobalt Kinetics solution to solve excessive side blast/ concussion out of large port brakes. Our approach was a simple one, to control the expanding gasses exiting the gun so that they can be used to aid in quicker follow up shots.


Cobalt Designed Ambi Controls

The Cobalt Kinetics Ambi safety is produced to the highest (and most stringent) of standards. They are designed to accommodate Right hand, Left, and Ambi shooters alike.

Cobalt Pro Team

The embodiment of precision, dedication, and unmatched skill. These aren’t just any shooters; they’re elite marksmen hailing from military and law enforcement backgrounds, equipped with unparalleled training and instincts. So, why do these top-tier professionals choose Cobalt? It’s simple. They demand the best, and that’s what we deliver. Every time they shoulder a Cobalt Kinetics CK-Pro or SPR, they’re not just holding a rifle — they’re wielding the pinnacle of shooting excellence, handcrafted to perfection. It’s not just about hitting the mark; it’s about doing it with a Cobalt.


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