2Alpha Training Group

Kawa is the owner and lead instructor of 2Alpha Training Group, LLC. With 21+ on-going years in the military and 16 years in Special Operations as an Army Green Beret. Kawa’s operational background and experience comes from his numerous combat and non-combat deployments, with an emphasis in the Middle East.

 Kawa’s instructor experience comes from his years at 5th Special Forces Group, teaching at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) committee. At SFAUC, Kawa and his fellow cadre taught 40 Green Berets every 5 weeks. 2 weeks of high level, advanced shooting applications on the flat range and 2 weeks of CQB, mission planning and urban warfare training.

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Cobalt Setup

Platform: Custom 12.5” Cobalt Gladius
Optic: Aimpoint T2
Mount: Scalarworks LEAP
Trigger: Geiselle SD-E 2-Stage
Grip: B5 Systems Type 23
Charging Handle: Battle Arms Development BAD
Handstop: Emissary Development Handbrake
Buffer System: A5/CK
Muzzle Device: RCB-KM (Deadair Keymo)
Laser: PEQ-15
Torch: Surefire Scout Pro