Kinetic Consulting

Jon Dufresne is the owner of Kinetic Consulting, a training and consulting company. Jon spent time in the Army with 3rd Ranger Battalion where he deployed in support of Operation Enduring freedom. Teaching for the last 9 years Jon blends the performance and tactical worlds together to teach students from all walks of life, civilian, law enforcement, military and security industry. Jon also competes in multiple competitive arenas like USPSA, 2-Gun, PCSL, and PRS. He also spends a considerable amount of time testing and evaluating equipment for various companies and also develops his own products.

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Cobalt Setup

Platform: Cobalt Kinetics Bear Claw 11.5″
Optic: Aimpoint T2\ Trijicon 3X
Mount: Unity
Trigger: Geiselle SSA-E
Grip: B5 Systems
Charging Handle: Radian Raptor
Buffer System: A5/CK
Muzzle Device: KCB-HX with Flow 556k
Laser: B.E. Meyers Mawl DA on Kinetic Consulting MATE
Torch: Cloud Defensive 2.0

*Duffy configures his rifle for what he intends to do with it. This configuration is a base template.