Joe Farewell has been shooting competitively for over a decade and now trains military, law enforcement, instructors, and civilians all over the world. Born and raised in Central Florida, Joe spent over years in law enforcement where he worked patrol, street crimes, narcotics, and gangs. He also was an instructor for his department and spent 6 years on the Emergency Response Team (ERT/SWAT). While still at the department, Joe was competing in USPSA and 3-gun competitions all over the country and teaching classes.

In 2018, Joe shifted his focus and went full-time into firearms training with his own business. Since then he’s won numerous state, regional, and national titles, trained special operations units in both military and law enforcement, and launched several successful online courses through Joe competes at the top levels which is why he chose Cobalt Kinetics for his rifle. His current favorite setup is a 13.7″ CK Pro which he’s used to win many matches over the last few years. On any given day you’ll find Joe spending time with his fiancé and kids on their ranch in Florida or hitting the range for training or competition somewhere around the world.

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