Cobalt Kinetics PRO Muzzle Brake

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Compatibility: AR 15
Material: Stress-proof Carbon Steel with Black Lithium-iron Surface Conversion (LiFe)
Model: A001

  • Minimizes Recoil
  • Reduce Muzzle Rise
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Eliminate Dust Signature
  • Competition or Multi-gun Compliant
  • Compatible with any .223/5.56 Caliber Rifle
  • Extends 2.9″ past the muzzle


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Superior handling and a true competitive advantage are now available in a single AR15 accessory. You can maximize control, recovery, and speed with the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake!

Our Pro Muzzle Brake is designed for use with any rifle chambered in .223/5.56 caliber with 1/2×28 muzzle threads.  The brake is treated with an all new ultra-performance Black Lithium-iron surface conversion (or LiFe). LiFe treatment increases the steel’s hardness, strength, and resistance to erosion.  At 3.4” long and less than 1″ across, the Pro Muzzle Brake is legal for multi-gun competition.

Superior Engineering

The patent-pending design features a symmetrical linear array of intersecting spheroid baffles that dramatically improve performance. Exhaust energy is vented only to the sides to eliminate dust signature.  The symmetrical port and baffle design eliminate the compromising effects that biased or directional porting can have on accuracy. This unique internal structure of the brake is calculated to produce a dramatic improvement in the brake’s effect.

The extra length and tight bore (.240 thousands of an inch) increase positive energy scavenging. The Pro brake’s action is better described as a “burn” rather than a “burst”. Effectively, the brake is working for more time; thus, improving efficiency. The gain in effect negates the need for biased or directional porting.

Competitive Advantage

The Pro Brake has been carried to victory in numerous competitions by the Cobalt Kinetics Shooting Team (Keith Garcia, Kalani Laker, and Rick Birdsall).  The Pro Muzzle Brake was also used by Max Leograndis to take top honors at the 2017 California Bay Area Rifle Challenge.  According to the team, the Pro Muzzle brake’s outstanding performance was a contributing factor to their success and numerous wins from 2015-2017. The Pro Muzzle Brake is the most effective accessory available for improving the handling and performance of your AR-15.

The Pro Muzzle Brake is a standard kit on all Cobalt Kinetics Team rifle models.

*The Pro Muzzle Brake can be coupled with our Pro Buffer System to further improve weapon control and handling.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.625 in

.223/556, .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor

5 reviews for Cobalt Kinetics PRO Muzzle Brake

  1. Mitch

    Hands down the best muzzle break I’ve ever used. I will definitely be putting these on my other ARs.

  2. Olive Thompson

    Hands down my favorite muzzle I have ever used. It’s the goto always now, tons of Gas very loud but recoil is something I have forgotten about since it no longer exists. HATS OFF.

  3. Christian Hostetler (verified owner)

    I have used several different breaks and this one easily takes the cake for the best combination of horizontal control and recoil mitigation. Just light pressure on the top of the handguard gives you fast and accurate follow up shots. Not to mention it makes your rifle look like something that belongs on an armored vehicle.

  4. JBucky

    I’ve never shot a flatter compensator on a rifle. I run this on my rifle for competition (yes, it’s 3-gun TacOps legal since it adds less than 3″ to barrel length). Fantastic paired with their carbine buffer upgrade kit. Feels like a very long compensator, but you will forgive once your follow up shot speed increase. Cobalt makes top tier rifles, so it’s no surprise that their components will help you to the next level.

  5. Kyle

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this product. I am building a 6.5 creedmore and this is the muzzle break I going to order for it

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