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CK-SPR Elite series 12.5″ 6.5 Grendal


Upper: 7075 T6 Billet
Lower: 7075 T6 Billet
Handguard: 6061, Semi-Monolithic, M-Lok (7-sided)
Barrel: Carbon Fiber wrapped, 416R Match Grade precision barrel (Mid-length gas)
Twist Rate: 1/8 RH
Muzzle Device: RCB 2.0
Gas Block: Cobalt (Non-Adj.), .750 dia
BCG: Cobalt, Full-Auto (8620 Carrier, 9310 Bolt, Billet Extractor)
Charging Handle: Radian Raptor LT
Safety: Cobalt, Ambi
Mag release: Ambi
Trigger: Geissele Super National Match (2-Stage)
Buffer System: A5/ CK buffer system, anti-tilt buffer
Grip: B5 Systems, Type 23 grip
Buttstock: B5 Systems Precision stock.

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In-Depth Information

CK-SPR Elite series 12.5″ 6.5 Grendal Details


The Cobalt Kinetics Special Purpose – Elite Rifle is our solution to providing a turn-key Precision rifle that is adaptable to a multitude of different situations and mission roles. The goal was to design a platform that is truly worthy of its namesake & category. We firmly believe that we have achieved this and have been able to deliver a platform that is capable of Sub-MOA precision right out of the case. The modern day precision shooting athlete and hunter deserves a rifle that features current technology and superior parts. Other competitors are using dated technology, methods, and concepts from designs that are well over 20 years old. By setting out to create a solution to a complicated accuracy equation it freed us from conventional thinking that has stagnated the growth of the precision “gas gun” sector of the market for years. *Final product may differ slightly from image shown. Please reference specs for accuracy of what you will receive when purchased.

Each CK-SPR Elite comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

*5-8 Week Delivery Lead Time

Pro Buffer System

This video illustrates the massive difference in recoil dampening comparing an average AR buffer system and the Cobalt Pro Buffer System.

Cobalt’s Pro Buffer System is among the most effective performance upgrades available for the AR today. The Pro Buffer System gives you an advantage by creating a smoother action and reducing recoil. We use low-friction, energy-absorbing polymers to make the buffer components and even the receiver extension is lined with a hard polymer film. All Cobalt Kinetics firearms include the Pro Buffer System out of the box.

Fit and Fitment

Every Cobalt Kinetics firearm is manufactured with extreme precision and accuracy. This results in near-perfect fit and fitment on every part of the gun. You will experience none of the typical AR rattling when manipulating a Cobalt.

Go ahead. Grab your AR by the grip and give it a shake. Hold the handguard along with the grip and twist the rifle. The loose fitment and structural integrity of a normal firearm are completely eliminated with a Cobalt.

Cobalt Dual Drop

This video demonstrates the functionality of the Cobalt Dual Drop System.

Cobalt’s patented Dual Drop mechanism is expanding the functionality of the classic AR-15 platform. Dual Drop improves weapon handling and reload speed faster. We put the system’s controls within reach of the thumb of the shooting hand. The Dual Drop adds a second forward assist control- mirrored on the left side of the upper receiver and mechanically connected to the right side assist and the bolt catch. Without adjusting your grip, you can press either forward assist and the bolt is released to reload the firearm.

Firearm Specifications


Black, Cobalt Kinetics Green, FDE, Charcoal, Stainless Steel

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The Cobalt Difference

Cutting Edge


Cobalt will never be satisfied with the status quo. We are always asking – Why? With our imagination, incredible engineers, and a desire to improve; we are constantly innovating an already amazing platform. We continue to explore how our innovative improvements can make you a faster and more accurate shooter. Innovation is at the core of who we are.

Military Grade


We torture test our rifles and pistols in the most extreme conditions, from the snow to the desert heat, they will function in any environment. The tight tolerances of the firearms protect the internal components from external elements. We Cerakote all our firearms to add to the durability. Multiple sources have reported that they have run our firearms in excess of the 50,000 rounds mark.

Match Grade


Our components are precisely engineered to the tightest tolerances. Our standards far exceed that of other manufacturers. We included match grade barrels and premium triggers in every firearm to enhance accuracy. Our Pro Buffer comes standard to reduce recoil allowing faster follow up shots. From the aggressive look and design to the quality of the components within, we are committed to assembling the finest firearms in the industry.



Every angle we cut, and every component we use, serves a function in our overall design that must be shot to be fully appreciated. At Cobalt Kinetics we source premium parts to compliment our high tolerances and precision engineering. Each component undergoes a strict quality control check before being installed into our firearms.