Cobalt Kinetics

American Masterpiece

The Cobalt “American Masterpiece” series is our in-house custom shop that caters to you hearts inner most desires for a dream build. From mild to wild our expertly trained gunsmiths will meticulously build and deliver a firearm that performs as well as it looks. Our Cerakoting options open up to a greater number of selections that can be chosen by the end user as well. We can also map out, design, and apply custom camouflage patterns that you would like to see on your gun. The option for custom engraving on your finished build is another option that is only available through this side of the house. Finally, the parts selection for your build is now twice the size that is normally found within our standard builds. Contact us today about your dream build and let our team make something is made just for you!

From the Experienced

The Cobalt Truth

I handled one of these at Firearms Unlimited in Exeter, RI. I have handled and fired a lot of AR’s in my lifetime but the fit and finish on this one is I have to say is the absolute best. I dare you guys or anyone to make a better one.

Thomas Neves
Picked up my first cobalt AR this week. As far as an AR rifle, this I will say is the best elaborate weapons system I have run across as of today…the machine work and design with dual operation components are outstanding. The only thing that would make my rifle any better would be if it was in Tennessee orange and white lol.

Danny Hall
No other AR comes this close to perfection on the market today. Fit, finish, function far surpass anything else, and dual drop means always having the drop in any tactical situation.

Brok Lee